The Objective of the “Life Enlightenment Charity Foundation”

We aim to:

1. Organise courses on the “life and death education”. On the part of “life education”, it will mainly focus on: the building of the correct outlook towards life; the learning of the various methods in enhancing and elevating one’s direction of life and the ways to achieve them; and the enhancement and elevation one the quality of one’s emotion and spirit. On the part of “death education”, it will mainly focus on knowing the ‘truth of death’ and its real meaning. There will also be learning on how to master the skills in facing death and the ways to handle death, such that one would have a much deeper understanding and real knowledge on the ‘meaning of life’, which in turn will further help to enhance and elevate on one’s ‘quality of life’.

2. Organise a team of volunteers to put into practice our motto of“Life Lights Up Life”, and to serve the whole community and society through the basic principle of ‘helping others to help themselves’.

3. Promote the setting up of a ‘Perfect Hospital” in providing Ann integrated ‘holistic’ end-of-life care services


Our logo

The two hands at the bottom of the emblem represent the mutual care and support of human beings through the love and care by one person’s “life to lighten up the life of another person”, this is our motto of ‘Life Lights Up Life”. The lamp of the lighted candle is representing the enlightened human wisdom of mankind in the lighting up and the shining upon of our humans society and its civilization, and will thus be leading us all to a much brighter and better future for the whole of humanity. On the two sides of the lit up candle are two persons holding hands in hands, being united in body and mind with concerted efforts, and are together elevating upwards toward the sky. This symbolizes that the “quality of life and spirit” of all mankind would be further elevated, so as in enhancing our overall human civilization to higher levels of evolution and progression, towards a more universal ‘harmonious and accommodative’ global community, in order to bring into full play the enlightened civilizations of all mankind.

May these meritorious deeds become successful
May they benefit all those human beings who are drifting along the painful sea of sufferings!

*Life Enlightenment Charity Foundation Limited is a registered charitable organization under the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government. The general public can find the evidence on the following webpage link of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government.